About Boreal Blend - Buy coffee, plant a tree!

Introducing our newest coffee bean roast - the Madawaska Coffee Co. Boreal Blend!
A harmonious fusion of light and dark roasts, meticulously crafted to create the perfectly delicious "medium roast" coffee. Lively yet tempered, Boreal Blend presents at first as bright and fruity, but slowly gives way to the full-bodied flavour of the darker roast. Apricot and citrus notes complimented by subtle chocolate undertones introduced by the roasting process. Great for coffee lovers and environmentalists alike. 
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Purchase Your Boreal Blend & Plant a Tree 

Sip with Purpose

With every bag of our Boreal Blend, you're not just enjoying a delightful coffee; you're planting the seed of change. Madawaska Coffee Co is proud to pledge $1 to Integrity Reforestation for every bag sold. Your purchase directly supports the cost of planting a tree.

Join Our Sustainability Mission

Madawaska Coffee Co and Integrity Reforestation share a common vision of promoting environmental sustainability. We invite our valued customers and community to unite with us in making the planet a healthier place to live, one cup of coffee at a time.

Coffee with a Conscience

By selecting our Boreal Blend, coffee lovers can savour their cherished locally roasted coffee while knowing they are actively contributing to the environment's well-being. It's more than a cup of coffee; it's a commitment to conservation.


Why Boreal Blend?

As a tribute to Canada's most extensive and significant expanse of forest. Stretching from Newfoundland and Labrador to British Columbia and the Yukon Territory, the Boreal Forest is a global treasure. Not only is it the world's largest biome within a single country, but it's also the largest intact forest left on our planet! The trees and soils of this vast forest lock away twice as much carbon as the entire global oil reserves.

Conserving and responsibly managing the Boreal Forest in Canada is not only essential for local ecosystems but is also a critical part of the worldwide fight against climate change and the preservation of Earth's biodiversity.

When you choose our Boreal Blend, you're not just savouring a delicious cup of coffee; you're actively contributing to the restoration of the Boreal Forest in Ontario. Your purchase directly supports tree planting efforts in areas of Ontario affected by wildfires, helping us make a positive impact on our environment and future generations.

With every sip of our Boreal Blend, you're becoming a part of a larger mission to protect our planet and enjoy the great outdoors in every cup. Both Madawaska Coffee Co and Integrity Reforestation thank you for joining us on this journey of conservation, sustainability, and, of course, the pure joy of coffee.