Burundi Gashikanwa Cooperative

Gashikanwa cooperative is a small cooperative located in the hills of Gitanga. The Gitanga washing station processes coffee from approximately 500 farmers from the surrounding hills. Coffee farms in the region are situated between 1700 to 1900 meters above sea level and are considered "High Grown" coffee.

The rich soils of this area and the dedication of the farmers have resulted in a bean that consistently scores extremely well in cupping achieving a score worthy of speciality status.

This coffee is amazing and we feel fortunate to be working with the people of the Gashikanwa Cooperative to bring you this fantastic coffee.

In our cupping of this coffee, we found it to have light acidity with full-body flavour. A very complex flavour is presented with red berries, honeysuckle, hibiscus, grapefruit, tropical fruit, brown sugar, mulling spices all evident in the cup.

In anticipation of its arrival, we are taking pre-orders on this coffee as availability is limited. It will be available in a light roast as well as a dark roast.